is an Open Hardware Project

launched by LD Workshop.


You are free to download files, use it,

share it and modifly it.

Please send us feedback when you modify or add parts.


OPH is to be made of MDF (Medium Density Fiber wood)

wich is a cheap and environement-friendly material.

Drawings are optimized for 3 mm thickness material.


This project is designed to be lasercut and 3D print.

If you don't own a laser-cutter or a 3D printer,

you surely can ask your local maker place, FabLab or workshop to do it for you.

PDF files are vector files so it can be open with vector softwares and transmit to a laser-cutter.

If you can't find anyone able to lasercut or 3D print,

LD Workshop can do it for you and ship parts.


Have fun creating and customize the OPH.

I hope your kids will have as much fun playing with it.


Also find us on :

LD Workshop - SARL Unipersonnelle au capital de 5 000,00€ - 4 rue du Grand Gonnet 42000 Saint Etienne

Tél : 09 67 35 83 94 - Mobile : 06 74 16 08 26 - Fax 04 77 95 83 94 - RCS SAINT-ETIENNE 795 086 628 00018

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